10 yoga teachers and their thoughts about yoga music

Everything from soft yoga music for yin yoga to music for vinyasa ashtanga. From upbeat yoga music to music for power yoga practice. But I noticed very soon that no-one was using my playlists!










After speaking with 10 yoga teachers I understood they all think different. Every yoga teacher has their own taste – their own philosophy – their own idea of how to organise yoga songs into their own personal playlist. So I asked 10 yoga teachers about their thoughts and how lucky was I? 
They were all really helpful and I decided to write put together this article about this topic. 
I think it is a great source of information and inspiration. Both for active teachers and students on their journey to becoming a yoga teacher.


10 Yoga teachers – 10 different thoughts about music!

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Thoughts from 10 yoga teachers


10 yoga teachers


“Music plays a pivotal role for me in my life.”

“Music plays a pivotal role for me in my life. No other medium can quite snap you back to a place or a time in your life than music.
It is an incredibly powerful tool and can affect change in one’s energy quickly and efficiently. For this reason I choose to utilize music in the classes that I teach. While I don’t necessarily plan the exact way in which my message or physical sequence will manifest itself, my music is always precisely queued to the peaks and valleys I intend to lead the class through during practice.” 



I also greatly enjoy the creative aspect of putting together a playlist


“It sort of reminds me of the good old days when I’d make mixtapes for my friends and crushes. Crafting the perfect playlist for practice can also inspire what I want to teach. There are days when I feel like I’ve said it all and I have nothing meaningful to offer. And it’s on those days I turn to my music library for inspiration.
Simply put, music inspires!”

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10 yoga teachers


“My choice of music allows me to soulfully transition from posture to posture”

“Music is a very important part of my yoga practice and yoga teacher training. Having the right beat and vibe is essential to allowing me to get into flow, where it becomes not about anything external and everything internal. It’s all about finding your rhythm and that happens with the right vibrations that come from sound. My unique practice mixes calm with a touch of uplifting beats. Allowing me to merge my love for circuit training and yoga all in one practice. My choice of music allows me to soulfully transition from posture to posture. It’s all about the music and finding what tunes allow you to simply flow freely and authentically express your heart. Songs of Eden has truly been the perfect blend of meditation and flow that allows me to show up and simply flow.

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10 yoga teachers


“I would say that today I probably listen to music while practicing 8/10 times.”

“When I first started going to yoga classes the music teacher played in class was really important to me.
The more I liked the music, the more I enjoyed the class. Especially when it starts to get really difficult and you want to give up, music can motivate me to keep going.
When I started practicing alone however, I wouldn’t listen to music as much at first. Mainly because I preferred the silence and paying attention to my breath.” 



I would say that today I probably listen to music while practicing 8/10 times.





“My taste in music is so varied and each genre can bring out a different emotion in me, especially while I practice. Music can make me feel relaxed if the tune is gentle. It can also make me feel sensitive and emotional if the song is deep. I feel like music can help me tune into my emotions a bit more sometimes if I allow myself to flow with it. Finally, it also makes me feel more present especially when I start to pay attention to the notes in between, in that in between space.”

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10 yoga teachers

GETZY AHERN, Atlanta, Georgia

“If you move with the music it can really add to the power of the movements.”

“What can I say about music? It puts an exclamation mark on memories from 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago. It adds to and can often create the mood for whatever it is you are doing.
Music is the backdrop to our lives, our actions, and even puts a spotlight on our feelings somedays. As a yoga instructor this is how I create my playlist:

1.Instrumental tunes can be great options; it allows me as a teacher and also my students to really get “present” and in the moment. Lyrics in songs can often be distracting.

2. Use music that compliments the sequence. If you move with the music it can really add to the power of the movements. Feel the music more than you hear the music.

3. I try to avoid top 40 style songs. My students already have emotions and feelings towards the songs they hear on maybe their commutes.

4. When I do use songs that have lyrics, my personal preference tends to be mostly acoustic. I only use songs like this when its a more energetic flow.I have created an example playlist that I recently used. I hope you enjoy.”
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10 yoga teachers


10 Yoga teachers – 10 different thoughts about music!

10 yoga teachers


“Music can help make or break a mood or help unlock movement in students that they never knew they had.”

“Music for me is often a reflection of what is going on inside of me when I don’t have the words.
Likewise when there is a storm raging inside me and I want to soothe my soul I listen to calming music to slow my mind and calm me. Over the past couple of years, as I’ve gone thru quite a few life changes and embarked on a journey of healing and self reflection I have found myself gravitating towards calming and more mellow ballads when I train.”

I’ve found the calming music helps me slow down my thoughts and remain more focused on what I’m doing.

“I find myself slowing my breathing and thoughts to match the pace of the music. Hard to say if my journey of self reflection has helped me discover this about myself or if slowing it down has helped me on my journey. Enabled me to learn more about myself, my thought patterns, habits and inclinations.”

“Music has always been a big part of my life.”

“When I was a runner, a competitive fighter and now has an aerialist. As I have learned to use it to enhance my training and movement I use it in my teaching. It can help make or break a mood or help unlock movement in students that they never knew they had. When I work with students in their training or choreographing for performance I will adjust the music genre or pace depending on what I am hoping to elicit from my students.”

“If they are rushing and I want them to slow down and savor the movement I slow the pace of the music and remind them to find their breathe with the music. If they are struggling to get out of their own heads or motivate to get thru a mental or physical struggle I will put music on. Music to make them smile or music that I know makes them want to dance. Music to let go of everything that is holding them back.”

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10 yoga teachers


“I love using music in yoga that gives a sense of peace and tranquility”

“My goal for teaching yoga is to touch the hearts of all that watch my channel to plant the seed of yoga and meditation.
To educate what the masters and teachers before me have taught me. Yoga is infinitely deep. And it can transform your inner world if you give yourself permission to let go and let life flow. I love using music in yoga that gives a sense of peace and tranquility that will help an individual find stillness. In the asana (pose) and within themselves being in the present moment.
Allowing heavens energy to flow through there hearts”.

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10 yoga teachers

10 yoga teachers


“I’ve found new passion to incorporate music into my flows.”

“When I build a class, teach or practice yoga at home by myself, I go through a rhythm of starting with opening up slowly. Then picking up the pace and ending with a cool down and relaxation.
Every part has its own special rhythm, accompanied by the change in my tone of voice. The type of movements and the pace we’re going through them.
For these reasons I’ve also found new passion to incorporate music into these flows, in order to give them more sense. To lift them up when I need high energies and help soften it down when it’s time to take it slow.”

She is one of the 10 yoga teachers who  also has written a fantastic e-book called “love of Backbends”.
Get the e-book here
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10 yoga teachers


“When I plan my yoga music it comes down to the feel and flow of the class”

“When I plan my music it comes down to the feel and flow of the class.
Whether it’s a slow gentle Hatha class where we tune in to the breath more and hold the asana pose for longer I prefer a more natural low key vibe to the music.”

“For vinyasa I prefer a more modern vibe and depending on the peak pose and the flow for the class I need music that allows students to flow with their energy to peak and then cool down. Sometimes our own breath is enough for music!”
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As one of the 10 yoga teachers Clare teaches at more then one studio.
Check out two of the studios in Dubai where she teaches:
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Hand stand


“What do I want my students to feel during yoga class?”

“When I create and prepare playlists for teaching I always start with the question: What do I want my students to feel during class?
If I’m about to teach Yin/Restorative the aim for me is to get my students into a relaxed state but without falling asleep. Neither do I want too much energy in the music for it to take over. When I prepare music for a vinyasa flow it comes in many dimensions. Warm-up sequence is always kind of mellow, meditative. Sun salutations and standing positions/asanas always goes best with energetic, beautiful beats.
Then as we move along to seated asanas I start to fade the energy down a bit. Music is crispy, and calm. Lying asanas I prefer a clean piano soundtrack. In savasana, the final resting pose, the music is always calm and meditative.
I love Songs Of Edens music, he creates incredible tunes that complement everything you need for a yoga class or when flowing on your own.”

Yogashala in her own yoga studio in making for future classes.
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“I chant mantras daily and I dance every night after my evening meal.”

“Music plays a very important role in my spiritual practice. I chant mantras daily and I dance every night after my evening meal.
However, in my own yoga practice and in class I usually don’t use it. I feel that concentration is higher with silence. In class I only use meditative music for the relaxation part. When I publish videos I love playing music, though. I usually spontaneously decide what I use.”



The music often is not ‘yogic’ at all.


“I go with the mood I am in on that day and often the lyrics are particularly valid for me in that mood. I think with music the yoga videos are more inspiring and heart opening and maybe sometimes irritating and intriguing, which is good to question perspective. When I dance I normally prefer music with strong and fast beats, but that also depends on how I feel.”
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I really hope you found this post about 10 Yoga teachers and their different ideas about music interesting. And I hope it will help you to get inspiration when finding yoga music for teaching yoga class. Wether you’re a yoga teacher for hire, if your teaching vinyasa yoga.
Or If you’re a yoga teacher at home, music will be a great companion on all yoga teaching styles and any yoga teacher training.
All of these fantastic 10 Yoga teachers use my music on a regular basis.
If you wanna hear  the music feel free to visit the following links:

Yoga Music


All of these fantastic 10 yoga teachers uses my music.
Make sure to check it out too!

Mans Ek – Songs Of Eden. Stockholm, Sweden


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