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Best choice of music for 3 types of Yoga.


Practicing yoga has become an essential part of many peoples lifes as the awareness of it’s benefits has reached out to almost everyone. Its not always easy to choose the perfect songs. Here are a few tips how to select music for 3 types of Yoga. Find out what yoga music to use to boost your energy and to increase your results. Find a big variety of music on our MEDIA page.
Here are three of the most popular ones and some suggestions what music suits them best.

yin yoga


Yin yoga was introduced in the western world by yoga teacher Paulie Zink the late 1970s. It is one of the most popular forms of yoga where the movements are performed in longer sequences. It helps increasing the flexibility and the amount of energy flow that helps you find your inner peace. For this type of yoga usually requires more relaxing music that makes your mind feel at peace. Music suggestion: “JHANSI” Songs OF Eden

vinyasa flow


This form of yoga is based on sequential movements linked together in a continuous flow. With the intention to improve the body poses along with the ability to synchronize the breathing patterns. It is a fast-paced dance-like flow that really brings you energy. For this type of yoga, music should be a bit faster to more easily get motivated. Music suggestion: “LAGO AZUL” Songs Of Eden

power yoga


Power yoga is a fitness based vinyasa practice first practiced in gyms and fitness locations in the 1990s. It has become very popular and is practiced all over the a combination of Vinyasa flow combined with Ashtanga moves focusing on developing flexibility and strength. It is a fast-paced exercise that often makes you hold your positions for longer periods of time. Suitable music should also be fast-paced and energetic. Music suggestion: “MOVING MY BODY” Songs Of Eden


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To sum all up, we only mentioned music for 3 types of Yoga. Of course there are many more. They will be covered in upcoming posts. Different styles of yoga need different typ of yoga music. Songs Of Edens primarily goal is to deliver a broad variety of music to suit all different kinds of situations and practices.
All our music is available on most digital platforms and streaming services. Let us help you create your perfect selection of music!

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