Listening to Yoga Music before going to sleep

Listening to Yoga Music before Going to Sleep

Listening to Yoga Music before Going to Sleep

Are you listening to Yoga Music before going to sleep? There are many good effects according to the latest research.
Researchers say, listening to yoga music before going to sleep lowers anxiety and boosts heart health.
For a long time, scientists suspected that slow meditative sounds such as calm yoga music has a soothing effect.
It relieves stress and enhances sleep health.
We now know for sure that the suspicions of the past have scientific explanations.


Listening to Yoga Music before Going to Sleep

Can music help me sleep?

Can music help me sleep? You might have seen this question asked multiple times on online forums.
Forums such as Quora, Reddit, and other places. The simple answer is; yes, music can help you sleep, and more.

Music therapy will be a thing as it is already being used in places such as India and during meditative practices to unload stress, increase self-consciousness and more.


Listening to Yoga Music before Going to Sleep

Music before bedtime can improve heart health

The results of an Indian study reveals that listening to yoga music before bedtime can improve heart health.
In the study’s result which the scientists presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress held in Munich, the researchers stated that they studied 149 healthy subjects who took part in three yoga sessions on different nights.

The scientists played songs in two sessions and no music in the third session.
They played soothing yoga music in the first session.
A pop song with steady beats in the second, and silence in the third session.

The researchers measured heart rate variability during and after each session.
While anxiety levels were measure before and after each yoga session.

In their conclusion, the researchers noted that listening to meditative yoga music helped to reduce anxiety levels.
It lower heart rate, and decrease blood pressure levels.

While science plays catch-up as it tries to unravel the effect of music on mental health, sleep and stress, Indians and other spiritually inclined societies hold the view that music can be a formidable form of treatment for a wide range of pathologies.


Listening to Yoga Music before Going to Sleep

What music to choose?

So, what music to choose? Here are some links to some of my music, and by some people I admire. Listen on SPOTIFY:

So if you wonder why you fall asleep while playing that slow, soothing music, now you know. It turns out that listening to calming yoga music at bedtime could be good for your heart!

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