Is the use of music for yoga practice about to change?

Modern yoga music or more traditional?

I’ve been composing yoga music for almost 2 years now! After a long career as a songwriter and producer I started listening to my heart for the first time. I decided to start making music for yoga and meditation.

As a dedicated yogi I’ve noticed that the use of traditional yoga music was about to change. I listened to several yoga playlists, created by yoga teachers.

What did I discover? That many of the teachers used pop music for their yoga classes

I also noticed that only a few yoga artists created something contemporary sounding. They were more composing in the traditional sense.

Modern Yoga Artists

There are a few exceptions. Find the in my list over Modern Yoga Artists down below.

I figured there was a cap to be filled. And I wanted to fill it!

Here’s an example of some yoga music with an urban and modern flair:

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modern yoga music

Combine the old with the new.

My main goal when creating yoga songs is to both respect the traditional yoga music. But also implement modern elements. I love the sound of flutes and harmonium. But why not combine them with urban yoga music influences?

It’s not easy. But I try to make music both for modern yogis and those who prefer the more contemporary yoga music.


Is it possible to make everybody happy?

The clear answer is of course “NO”.

However. I learned that if I follow my heart when creating music for yoga, yogis and yoga teachers seem to get the emotion I’m trying to convey.

Are you using Spotify?

I have over 100 songs released. Listen here:

Tibetan bells and singing bowls.

Tibetan bells and singing bowls are typical instruments for yoga practice. I Tibetan bell, or tingsha are often used together with singing bowls. The are the main instruments in meditation music and sound healing. 

love them both deeply. But up until now I’ve never heard them in combination with modern elements and instrumentation.

My biggest concern was to be disrespectful to the tradition. But so far I got mostly positive feedback when combining them.

modern yoga music

Modern Yoga Music

modern yoga music

So what is considered modern?

Too me as a yoga musician it is to get inspiration from the music of today.

Why not combine a modern hiphop beat with indian percussion into a yoga song?

Or a tropical house synth alongside a eastern flute?

Here is a list with some modern yoga music playlists:

Tradition in focus.

In this video I created a yoga playlist for Yin yoga. This yoga music has a bigger respect for the traditional elements.

It’s used by many teachers of yoga in many different countries.

Modern Yoga artists.

In this section I’ve listen a few of my biggest inspirations and role models when it comes to making modern yoga music.


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