Music for Sun Salutation


(Surya Namaskar)

Music for Sun Salutation

Choosing music for Sun Salutation can be a difficult task. What do you prefer? Music or silence?

But first some background info:

Surya Namaskar is a prominent hatha yoga practice. It is the root of the Sutra Yoga, which became famous through the works of gurus like K. Pattabhi Jois.

The yoga involves a series of sun salutations that target the body, mind, breath, and soul. Created to awaken the healing and curing powers of the sun and enhance inner awakening and serenity. At its core, Surya Namaskar as practiced through Yoga Sutra combines yoga with meditation and spirituality. That makes it one of the complete yoga practices in the world.

The benefits of Surya Namaskar are plenty.

The most profound comes from the spiritual part of the yoga. To get into that coveted space where body, mind, and soul become one, you need excellent music for sun salutation. It helps you to go deeper with your moves and chants. While concentrating on your navel center and breath, the music helps to harness your power of focus. It also helps you while you recite the prayers to ignite the fire in you.


Music for Sun Salutation

Sometimes Yogis prefer silence instead of music while doing surya namaskar. Some like the typical sun salutation mantra music. Others prefer the peace and quiet. In the end it’s all up to you as practitioner what you.
However, if you haven’t tried yet, we highly recommend you to give it a go. Maybe you reach a higher level of concentration.

Gayatri mantra

Have you tried sitting in a meditation pose and chant the Gayatri mantra? Our music for sun salutation helps you concentrate your mind on the planes of consciousness. It will unlock the healing and nurturing powers of the inner sun.
When you awaken the inner sun, it can provide physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Things such as distant healing, intuitive diagnosis, and others become part of you as your whole being is illuminated. With help of the life-giving light of the sun.

Meditate and dig deeper

As your body radiates this nurturing energy, concentrate your mind on the flow. Meditate and dig deeper into your soul. Let the music of the sun help to steer you in the path of a pristine light. A light so pure is heals, renews, and reinvigorate you inside and out.


Music for Sun Salutation

Choose music for Surya Namaskar. Do you include Sura Namaskar in your yoga and meditation practice?  Let us provide you with a great collection of powerful and authentic songs. Songs specifically created for sun salutation. They will help you tap into the sun’s energy.


When you see pilgrims bathing on the banks of the river Ganga chanting, touching their toes, and making those poses, the melodic sounds help them break the barrier between the physical and spiritual. Our music of the sun will not only enhance and amplify your power of concentration. It will also help you absorb the sun’s energy through all the chakras of your body for increased self-awareness, enhanced spirituality, and optimal physical performance.


Visit the MEDIA PAGE for the latest releases where you can find something that fits just for you!

Or listen on SPOTIFY where over hundred songs are available.

What music to choose?

Music for Sun Salutation


Traditional, or more modern music?

We have a good selection of matras and surya namaskar yoga music which is very suitable for Surya Namaskar. The album “Lights of Nainpur” is a very common choice by many yogis as music for sun salutation. Many say that it is a great alternative to surya namaskar mantra music.

A very popular song is “Raa Maa” which is written and performed tougher with Sirgun Kaur.

Together with the fantastic english artist and yogi Raquelle we have also released a mantra called “Deeper depths”. Be sure to check it out.


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