Raa Maa


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Raa Maa

Raa Maa

A collaboration with one of the worlds finest singers  Sirgun Kaur.

This healing mantra often used in Kundalini Yoga. It invokes a deep healing effect.

Sirgun Kaur & Songs Of Eden. Mantra – Raa Maa.
Mine and Sirgun Kaurs take on this mantra.
This mantra invokes a harmonious relationship between the masculine (Ra) and feminine (Ma) energy that is in all of us.
Ra = sun
Ma = moon
Rama = meeting of sun and moon
Sa Ta Na Ma = the life cycle from infinity-birth-death-rebirth

Available in two versions. One 3.46 and one 11.00 minute version.

Raa Maa is delivered in mp3 format. Contact me if you need other formats at



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