Best Yoga Songs and Yoga Music.

Best yoga songs

Yoga Music. Which are the best yoga songs?

A question impossible to answer. We all have different taste.

But I wanted to share some of my favourite Yoga music.

For centuries, music has been a powerful key to the innermost parts of our lives. And that is why yoga goes so well with soothing sounds.

Many people, particularly those who are new to yoga find that music helps immerse themselves into the exercise and connect at a deeper level.

If you are looking to create a powerful playlist to go with your practice, here are some of, in my opinion, the best yoga songs 2019

Non traditional yoga music.

“Follow the Sun” by Xavier Rudd

Can any type song work for a Yoga practice?

Xavier Rudd is at his best in this classic track. With rhythmic beats and a thrumming guitar, the lyrics spur you to be conscientious in your yoga sessions.

From the time you get into your exercise attire to taking the different poses of your chosen yoga, this beautiful track makes your intention strong and gives you the energy to conquer your fears.

Perhaps non traditional yoga music in a way. But I love it!


Upbeat yoga music.

“Shake It Off” by Florence & the Machines

If you listened to the lyrics of this track, you will find the purpose of yoga and meditation.

Why do we do yoga and meditation? For most people, yoga helps to find their true self. If darkness surrounds you and it seems you can’t get through, listening to this song will help you shake it off.

This song is perfect for any awesome yoga playlist!

Cover a song with a new arrangement.

“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles

Do you remember this classic hit by the Beatles?

With danceable and exciting lyrics, this track sends a soul-lifting message that tells you to see the good side of every bad situation.

What better way to give yourself a huge dose of optimism early in the morning? If you love a melodic track you can gyrate to during your yoga practice, this song or its more upbeat cover by Colbie Caillat is a great pick.

Colbie has some of the best Yoga songs for savasana. 

Pop music for yoga?

“Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” is a song that encourages you to stop stressing over control.

Trying to control everything in your life will only lead to chaos.

Be at peace with yourself and let the workout sink in.

It will be a good day!

And why not use pop music for yoga?

Yoga music for sun salutation.

“Watermark” by Enya

No yoga playlist is complete without the enthralling voice of the Celtic queen Enya. Watermark is soothing, relaxing and would want to make you have a massage right there! 

There are so many excellent yoga tracks you can choose from, but these are some of the most popular songs among the yogi. Whether you are warming up or winding down your session, you will find a suitable track for every phase of your yoga exercise here.

One of the best sun salutation songs.

Rama Mantra

“Rama Mantra” by Kanchman Babbar

These beautiful tracks blew up the yoga and meditation scene when it first debuted. Featuring nature sounds and a beautiful mix of acapella, the Rama track will take you to a place where you can become one with your soul. Whether for yoga or meditation, this track and its different mixes provide a lengthy and super relaxing tune to accompany your moves while you break a sweat. 

Music for restorative yoga.

“The Moon Shaman” by Calm Whale

If you love shamanic sound with your yoga sessions, Calm Whale delivers original traditional Native American sounds that literally take you back to the roots. These tracks are a rich mix of gongs, rain-sticks, bells and drum beats and carefully spaced drones that deliver a mesmerizing effect. The Moon Shaman allows you to experience a feeling of oneness with yourself. It is perfect for restorative yoga, meditation and more. 

Yin yoga music.

“Stillness” by Free Planet Radio

This album comprises 11 tracks of melodic tunes that marry western and eastern sounds to produce something exceptional. Not only are the tracks soothing and focus-sharpening, but the dizzying array of instruments from both civilizations create an astonishingly enthralling feeling that pierces your soul. For best results, play these tracks during slow yoga sessions. 

Fantastic for yon yoga practice.

Yoga and Music are inseparable.

Yoga and music are inseparable! As a teacher or student of yoga, most people find that the flow of the background music that accompanies their yoga sessions blends with their poses perfectly. Whether you love power yoga, vinyasa yoga and everything in between, music plays an important factor in the invigorating and relaxing effect of yoga classes. Those are, in my opinion, some of the best yoga songs of 2019

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