Songs Of Eden
Composer and pianist

About Me

I’ve been a songwriter and producer for nearly 20 years. I had top20 songs in US, Japan,
Korea, Germany, Spain and tons of other countries.

I wanted to make a project myself, where no one tells me WHAT to do or NOT to do.
Since I’m also a yoga fanatic the choice was easy! I decided to compose and produce
music for Yoga, Workout and Meditation.
My music is used in thousands of yoga studios around the world.
Find my music:
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Music For Yoga

We provide Music for Yoga. An excellent collection of songs that will electrify your home or yoga studio sessions. Our selection of yoga music will optimize your yoga lessons for maximum results. It will help you achieve relaxation, inner peace, and
harmony with your body and soul in focus. Have a listen if you’re looking for some of the best songs for yoga.

We have carefully selected our songs to help you achieve total self-awareness. It will also improve mental peace and tranquility to reach deeper into your being.


Are you an established yoga expert leading hundreds of students through advanced yoga poses? Or a beginner just learning the basics of yoga in the quiet of your home? Enhance your progress with our Spotify Yoga Playlist.

Whether you are a long-time yoga practitioner or a complete novice, our spectacular selection of instrumental yoga and our vocal based upbeat yoga songs will take you to your destination faster, make the journey more fun and exciting, and sharpen your self-awareness.




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