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We provide Music for Yoga. An excellent collection of songs that will electrify your home or yoga studio sessions. Our selection of yoga music will optimize your yoga lessons for maximum results. It will help you achieve relaxation, inner peace, and harmony with your body and soul in focus. Have a listen if you’re looking for some of the best songs for yoga.
We have carefully selected our songs to help you achieve total self-awareness. It will also improve mental peace and tranquility to reach deeper into your being.


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Are you an established yoga expert leading hundreds of students through advanced yoga poses? Or a beginner just learning the basics of yoga in the quiet of your home? Enhance your progress with our Spotify Yoga Playlist.

Whether you are a long-time yoga practitioner or a complete novice, our spectacular selection of instrumental yoga and our vocal based upbeat yoga songs will take you to your destination faster, make the journey more fun and exciting, and sharpen your self-awareness.


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If you want to
improve your meditation goals, improve your power of focus, and attain a higher level of self-consciousness in your yoga practice, our highly subliminal collection of yoga music will take you to your destination.
Music that radiates through your soul, illuminates your thoughts, and lifts your spirit from the terrestrial to celestial heights; nothing beats the feeling of listening to music while sweating through your favourite yoga poses.

There is a level of clarity that comes with listening to this type of music while meditating or performing yoga exercises. The best part is that you can get all of this wonderful music on demand!

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You want calm, relaxing piano music to lull you to sleep? Then get our meditation music for sleep to hit the snooze without delay! Whether you want Power yoga music, or prefer upbeat yoga music, we have everything and more!

Peace at last…