Yoga music

SONGS OF EDEN provides some of the best music for yoga, workout and meditation. Yoga music songs to make your yoga practice more exciting. We’ve got a big variety of different music for power yoga, yin yoga and much more

Our music is available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play

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Practice yoga With Music

Do you practice yoga with music? Music is a critical part of any human experience.  Every culture around the world has ceremonial music for different occasions. Whether happy or sad..

Music has a way of bringing emotions to the fore. You could begin to feel happy or sad depending on the type of music that you’re listening to.

This can also happen during a yoga class. Music brings people together and can be a functional part of your Power yoga meditation.
So how do you pick the best yoga music to put you in the right mood for your meditation? Or for your yoga practice or exercise? We’ve got the solution!

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Yoga class style and pace – If you’re having a morning yin class, you would probably want slow songs that match the pace of your class.

For vinyasa yoga you can select a combination of our yin yoga music, upbeat music for yoga, instrumental yoga music or the relaxing meditation music.

Same goes for a power yoga flow where upbeat yoga music with a slight faster tempo often is required. We got already prepared Spotify yoga playlists for all kinds of yoga sessions. Upbeat yoga music playlist.

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Music platform choice – The best places to get the top choice of music usually require some type of subscription. These are usually cheap, but you need to consider if it is worth the purchase. If you really like to practice yoga with music or use it for many things besides yoga, then you can consider it.

Offline access is also good to have after subscription. 

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You can use our Spotify yoga playlist for your yoga sessions or get inspiration to help create yours. Whether you’re doing a quick power yoga meditation session or having a longer group session, check out our Spotify yoga playlist and our YouTube page for many different playlists for your yoga selection.


Meditation and relaxing – You want your mind to be at rest during your yoga practice at home.

We got plenty of meditation music containing calm relaxing piano. Piano music is a great choice to have on your yoga playlist. It is smooth, low-key and uplifting without causing any unfounded thoughts. We also provide longer Youtube playlists with meditation music for sleep..