International Yoga Day

international yoga day1

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest In these very interesting times, many of you have been fortunate enough to spend more time with your family. Dinners, playtime, conversations, game night, home-schooling, movies, and more have been on the family agenda these last few months. Sports […]

Music for Power Yoga


MUSIC FOR POWER YOGA Music for Power Yoga As a Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, I often like to have music playing during my class. The music that I play typically is just a background landscape that paints the mood for the flowing yoga class. It softly plays so as not to to distract the students […]

A day as a Yoga teacher.


A DAY AS A YOGA TEACHER A day as a Yoga teacher.  To give you “a day in my life” would be difficult. I have so many responsibilities and every day is different.  But I can do my best to take you through a typical day of mine. I’m not just a yoga teacher. I’m […]