Music for Power Yoga

As a Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, I often like to have music playing during my class. The music that I play typically is just a background landscape that paints the mood for the flowing yoga class. It softly plays so as not to to distract the students from their practice.

The yoga music is usually something instrumental and mellow yet conducive for a yoga class. Right now, I have been playing the same music over and over and it was time for a change. So I went on a search to find the best yoga music.

I am very particular of the type of music I like to play during my power yoga classes, but I found something that I really like.

 Songs of Eden delivers the type of music that I like to use as a backdrop in my yoga sessions. They describe their yoga music as a way to help you achieve relaxation, inner peace, and harmony with your body and soul in focus.I have to agree with this description. I was particularly drawn to his 108 Beads album and I’ve been using a selection of these songs in my yoga classes.


Contemporary sounds and traditional offerings

What’s special about this music is that it is rhythmically complex in its composition which creates the right ambient sounds for yoga.

The ethereal uplifting instrumentals carries a lightness that I like in a power yoga class.

When I teach, the poses and sequences can sometimes be challenging. But my intention is certainly not to stress or overwhelm my students. The intention is to bring the awareness of strength that they all possess.

Through encouraging instructions, students find they are able to achieve remarkable things. It is only fitting to have uplifting music that compliments these efforts.

The music is a fusion of contemporary sounds and traditional offerings. Both music for power yoga and more calm yoga practice. Here are some of the songs from the album that I enjoyed the most.

My favourites from "108 BEADS"


Shakyamuniintroduces a techno sound, an ambient vibe, with synthesized vocals. The song has an upbeat tempo with a progressive soundtrack that emulates movement and growth. It was fun to use this particular song in a vinyasa yoga class. As mentioned, I usually just have my music playing the background, but it’s a song like this that I could turn up and allow the class to flow with grace. It’s a joy to watch bodies move with an elegant fluidity.


Rudraksha” has a strong resonance. It offers a platform of strength and determination. Music for power yoga perfect for a power focused vinyasa class.


“Get It Back” is a modern progressive song with elegant pianos and distant synthed vocals.


“Amethyst” has integrated classic Indian instruments and vocals into the backdrop of its trance-like expression. It has a sense of mystery as it progresses. It reveals some of the mystery of the yoga philosophy with a modern edge that keeps the practice current and inviting.


“Raa Maa” is eerie and mysterious. The female vocal takes us through a Bhakti-style chant that has a cadence that is rhythmic in nature that allows for long steady breath flow as a yogi focuses on self-awareness with each intentional movement.

Songs Of Eden

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